Transparency Notice


The Edwards Metropolitan District is an unincorporated residential and business community located off Interstate 70 in the heart of Eagle County, Colorado.  Edwards was established in 1984, is situated at an elevation of 7,226 feet and has a population of approximately 7,500 people which makes it the single largest community in Eagle County.

Edwards Metropolitan District was formed with governmental authorization to provide services related to roads and streets, drainage, traffic signalization, signage and safety improvements, transportation, water, and mosquito control.  Fire protection services were relinquished to Eagle River Fire Protection District in 2001. 

The primary service providers for road and street improvements in Edwards are Eagle County and Colorado Department of Transportation but Edwards Metropolitan District participates with them to help provide funding for improvements to the area.  Edwards Metropolitan District is a participant in Upper Eagle Regional Water Authority which provides domestic water service in Edwards.  Park and recreation services are primarily provided by Western Eagle County Recreational Metropolitan District.  Eagle County Sheriff’s Office provides protection to Edwards.

Edwards is the home of a wide range of public and private educational opportunities.  Currently there is a Catholic school which includes pre-school through 8th grade, a Charter School consisting of grades K-8, two elementary schools, a middle school, two high schools (Battle Mountain High School and Vail Christian High), and the Edwards campus of Colorado Mountain College. 

The District is governed by a five-member board of directors.  Board meetings are open to the public and are held at 12:00 p.m. on the third Thursday of the month in the Eagle County Health Services District classroom located at 1055 Edwards Village Boulevard, Edwards, Eagle County, Colorado. Since meeting dates may be changed on occasion, please call the office of Marchetti & Weaver, LLC at (970) 926-6060 extension 2 to confirm dates, times, and location if you are planning to attend one of the meetings.

For additional information about the Edwards Metropolitan District Board of Directors meetings or accounting questions please contact Ken Marchetti (970) 926-6060 extension 8 or Cissy Olson at extension 2 or click here to send an email.